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bsofthewest's Journal

9 September
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Well, ladies, it's been 4 years that I have been addicted this world of chenzel, Julia, Kendra and journals I am still a huge lunatic on the subject of Broadway and Theater and Literature, and I love reading these fics. I really like making friends from all over the world who are Chenzelholics. I try to get to NYC a few times a year. I live on the Left Coast (SF Bay Area), so that represents quite a journey. Reading these fics helps shorten the distance. I will try, every once and a while, to write a fic, but my true calling here is to be supportive and bring good cheer to the places I lurk. I love a good comment and like to "spread a little sunshine" in the communities I love.
All good things, the best of which are: Julia's kick, Idina's belt, Kristin's mermaid suit and Kendra's legs. Life is good here.