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17 July 2012 @ 05:02 pm
If you didn't have the chance to see this on TheTwit or the HuffPost, read it and smile. You are all smart and I love you!
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02 August 2008 @ 12:54 pm
Since the big week is about to be upon us (come on, you know, Julia Week (with a little Dee in the middle), and I am hoping to run into some chenzelfriends, I thought it might be useful to be accessible and just be me. I'm pretty good at being friendly, but can be shy when met face to face. So peeking over the veil of the computer screen, I will be honest; if there is anyone out there who gives a damn (who gives a flying fuck is what I meant to say, but there I go being too polite).

Stolen from voluta (who is one special person, btw):

The problem with LJ: we all think we are so close, but really we know nothing about each other.
I want you to ask me something you think you should know about me, something that should be obvious, but you have no idea about. Ask away. Then post this in your LJ and find out what people don't know about you.

You can ask me anything, it doesn't have to be obvious :)
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26 July 2008 @ 09:48 pm
OK you brilliant and wonderful with computer ladies...can someone find this on the internet somewhere? We must all put it on our IPods and computers for our listening pleasure. Can someone do this"
Here is the quote:
Comic-Con's Pushing Daisies panel couldn't be any more awesome if it were scripted. Not only is the rapt crowd treated to Kristin Chenoweth belting out a heartfelt rendition of "Over the Rainbow,"
I know SOMEONE had a recording device at that panel....it must exist! Let's find it!
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24 July 2008 @ 09:25 pm
Those of you who are paying attention, know that I just went to the theater Tuesday night to introduce my clueless daughter to the delights of "The Musical". The evening was a huge success. Well, I topped myself on Wednesday!
I was fooling around on LJ after everyone left work and was late in getting home, made it there around 5 to 7. I just glanced at the calendar and saw to my horror, that I had forgotten I had a ticket to see Doubt: THAT NIGHT AT 7:30!!
Now everything in the Bay Area is close together, but Palo Alto is 26 miles and 45 minutes away, and it was the tale end of rush hour.
Not even a nano second of hesitation, I yelled out to my daughter, "I have to go to the theater!" and grabbed the tickets and fled off, down the hill, to the highway. Avoiding all police (I did get a speeding ticket returning from the Dee SD concert, while singing Defying Gravity and thinking I was flying on the cherry-picker) and even with the congestion caused by a brush fire on the 101, I got to the theater in record time.
I had seen Doubt when Cherry Jones toured in SF maybe 2 years ago, so I wasn't upset about missing the first 20 minutes. I did forget, however, that it is 90 minutes and has no intermission. I was mortified to come in late and stood at the back, but I am so happy I went. It was a great performance.
That night there was a Q and A with the actors and that was so interesting. These people are special to me. They work so hard. Get paid nothing, and make us see the magic.
So, I got home around 10:30. My daughter barely noticed I was gone, but I knew something for sure....
I am a full fledged theater geek and I am proud! I am happy to be able to share that with you, like in AA......
"My name is BS, and I am a Theater Geek. It's been 1 day since I last went to a show."
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18 July 2008 @ 07:17 am
I know it's not as important as an end to global warming, but the NYTimes gave Cheno's ChimpMovie a glowing review, and I am ridiculously happy about that:
Neil Genzlinger (NYTimes 7/18)...."Journalism is all about having the courage to write the truth even if it will get you mocked by your relatives and co-workers, so here goes: “Space Chimps” is hilarious."


Say that three times fast and rush out to the cineplex and have a fun weekend. I love you all!
I'm out'a here, ladies!
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14 April 2008 @ 11:00 am
Well, this is hot news and I'm glad to post it, although I think we know the real story:

According to Publishers Weekly today 4/14/08

Chenoweth Chronicle

Stage and screen star Kristin Chenoweth has inked a deal for a memoir with Touchstone senior editor Michelle Howry; Kirby Kim at Vigliano sold world rights. The book will be a candid account of the Oklahoma-born actress's life, from her adoption shortly after birth to her Tony-nominated turn in Wicked to her work in Hollywood. Chenoweth will address the challenges she's faced in balancing her faith, family, private life and public persona. Planned pub date is April 2009.
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13 April 2008 @ 09:47 pm
Maybe this happened today. Maybe it didn't. Could have. I'd like to think that it did.

Rating: Watch out for the F word


Sunday, April 13, 2008

Phone rings…..

Too sleepy, and also because she is wearing a pink satin sleep mask, the blonde picks it up without checking the ID.

“Hey, Babe!”


“Awe shit, you’re still sleeping!”

The blonde’s head clears, and she replies, “What a night, honey. It was really wild.”

“Was he there?”


“Wan’a talk? I’ve got the day off because they want me to relax before the taping tomorrow. Let’s meet. How about at The T on 20th? It’s been a while since we did that.”

“OK. Give me an hour to put myself together. I’ll walk sweetie pie and then hop in a cab. I like that place. It reminds me of you.”

“It should, Miss Sunshine, it’s our spot. See ‘ya soon!”, she said, and hung up.

It was hard getting out of bed. She had sung her lungs out last night, and the event was a huge success. She had stayed late to talk and schmooze with her friends from the long closed show. There had been such energy in that room. People had fawned over her performance, wished her success with the next season of her new show, and then she left on her own about 1 o’clock, quietly slipping away. So unlike her. She would talk about that later.

Hot shower, comfy clothes and a dab of makeup revived her. A quick walk to the park made the pup happy, and she was quickly off in the cab.

She was right on time to the tea room. She was never late to these dates. Waiting for her in the back booth was her best friend. The brunette stood, embraced her and they shared a hug that could cure all ills.

“Oh, my! I missed you, sweetie”, the blond whispered. “These distances are far too great. Add to that, that we don’t share with anyone else. And it makes it doubly hard!”

“I do too, doll, but we agreed. Just the 2 of us!”

“If you start singing, I’ll clobber you!”

“Can’t sing! Show tomorrow!”

They sat down in the rather dark long room. Lovely fabrics were placed on the red brick walls providing acoustic privacy. They ordered:

One ginger tea with lots of sugar
One English Breakfast, 2 sugars and cream. The way she learned in London.

“On the subject of tomorrow, my sweet, I wish I could be there”

“That might cause a riot!”

“I know, but I would love to encourage you and jump to my feet with the rest of the audience.”

“It’s bad enough that he’s there. If you were there too, I’d be a fucking mess!”


“Well, it’s true. I’ve got the whole world convinced that the lyrics are about him. If you were there, I would blush, look your way and the game would be up!”

“You have a point. It has been fun knowing the truth behind those lyrics – the sweet ones and the hard ones.”

“When we parted from the show, and we decided to keep our friendship private, I never thought it would be so hard or would be so controversial. I find references to us on the Internet everyday. There are people who speculate all sorts of things about us.”

“You mean the Broadway chat rooms?”

“No! You clueless blond bombshell – the fan fics – Julia told me!”

“Oh, I know all about those. You know they get some of it just right, if you get my drift!” She teased.

“Man, it makes me feel good to hear you laugh. I am so nervous about tomorrow. I’ll be a wreck all day, but if I can just hold on to this quiet moment, maybe I’ll keep from barfing my guts out!”

“Well, I guess I am good for something!”, she teased.

“You are good for everything, doll face and you know it! I know we stay under the radar, but if I didn’t know you were there for me, I would go into melt down!”

“Oh, you would melt!”
“Don’t get Ozian on me missy. We go way deeper than that!”, the brunet purred.

“Couldn’t resist, my love. You are such an easy target! Speaking of targets, I felt like a bulls-eye last night. I was avoiding Aaron’s look all evening. He was in his all charming and larger than life mode, and I finally had to stealthfully slink off from the party because I didn’t want him to offer to take me home. I wish you had been there. You would have been proud of me.”

“I am always proud of you. You are awesome!”

The taller woman poured more hot water into her cup and refreshed the blonde’s mug. They lingered over their drinks, looking at each other, laughing and telling tales late into the afternoon. The time flew and then it was time to leave.

“I got’ a go out to dinner with the record people tonight. Battling about a tour. I hope this show tomorrow will convince them. I really want to do this!”

“I know, sweetie. You deserve it. It’s your dream.”

“It would be something if we could tour together.”

“Oh, that would set the tongues a wagging!”

“I don’t care. I would love to sing with you again.”

“From your mouth to God’s ears!”, the blond said.

“Oh, since when are you stealing my people’s wise sayings?”

“We are all God’s people, my love!”

“Yes, indeed! But I’m glad you’re mine!”

Kris took the check, just because it was her turn, and they walked out of the store on to the sidewalk. She got a cab instantly – she never seemed to have trouble finding one. Dee was walking. Before they departed, they hugged again and their lips spoke sweet good bys and warm promises of soon meeting again.

They left each other, but remained connected.

The End
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08 April 2008 @ 07:36 pm
I knew it was happening, and now the whole world knows. (thanks Tam)


First thing to do is get groups formed (you get better prices for groups), I've got lots of groups.

Of course, my family will have to celebrate EVERY event at the theater!

Then there is the lottery. Weekdays, weekends, holidays! any free time!

The question is, when I see the new Elphaba, will the image of Dee be before my eyes? I saw her here 5 years ago.

It still is as fresh in my mind as though it were yesterday. Row D, seat 8, far right side, but in Heaven!

I am blissfully happy, an oximoron, I guess, but I don't care!
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08 April 2008 @ 12:27 pm
This is the rage over where I hang out:

1. A body of water, smaller than a river, contained within relatively narrow banks.

2. What the thing you push around the grocery store is called.
shopping cart

3. A metal container to carry a meal in.
my Dumbo lunch box

4. The thing that you cook bacon and eggs in.
frying pan

5. The piece of furniture that seats three people.

6. The device on the outside of the house that carries rain off the roof.

7. The covered area outside a house where people sit in the evening.
front porch

8. Carbonated, sweetened, non-alcoholic beverages.

9. A flat, round breakfast food served with syrup.
pancakes(ala Julia)

10. A long sandwich designed to be a whole meal in itself.

11. The piece of clothing worn by men at the beach.
Speedos Ha Ha really swim suit

12. Shoes worn for sports.

13. Putting a room in order.
straightening up

14. A flying insect that glows in the dark.

15. The little insect that curls up into a ball.

16. The children’s playground equipment where one kid sits on one side and goes up while the other sits on the other side and goes down.

17. How do you eat your pizza?
thin crust, with hands thick crust, with utensils

18. What’s it called when private citizens put up signs and sell their used stuff?
garage sale

19. What’s the evening meal?

20. The thing under a house where the furnace and perhaps a rec room are?

21. What do you call the thing that you can get water out of to drink in public places?
drinking fountain
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29 March 2008 @ 12:23 pm
Memes are an addiction. The Doc said so.
Hi, my name is BS, and I am an addict.
Save me!

01. Are you taller than your best friend?
Well, I have a few close friends, and I wouldn't want to choose as to the BEST. Suffice it to say that as I am 5'2", everyone in the world is taller than me (except for KC), so the answer is no.

02. Do you have a favorite type of pen?
I do like the Pilot precise V7 fine blue, although never take it on an airplane, as I did that once and the F'ing pen leaked all over my purse!

03. Look at your planner for March 27th, what’s going on?
Let's put that in the past tense, as today is March 29th. So the answer is : work, noon - lunch with Barbara and book club at 7:30.

04. What color are your toe nails usually?
A refreshing shade of white woman.

05. What was the last thing you highlighted?
Each of Doc's answers as I replaced them methodically with my own pithy responses.

06. What color are the curtains in your bedroom?
I hate curtains. No curtains. Levilors, only because I must have something, but they are usually up. My favorite apartment was when I had a studio on the 24th floor in Chicago. No blinds at all for me. I looked out over the city and didn't care who looked in at me. How the hell would anyone know who I was. If I lived in NYC, I would do the same thing. Only a view of the city as my window.

07. What color are the seats in your vehicle?
grey fabric. Leather is too sticky in the summer and cold in the winter.

08. Have you ever had a black and white cat?
no, everyone in my family (except for me) is allergic to cats.

09. What is the last thing you put a stamp on?
Bills!!! yesterday.

10. Do you know anyone who lives in Wyoming?
No, there is no theater there, right?

11. Why did you withdraw cash from the ATM the last time?
To lend my daughter 40 bucks, which I will never see again.

12. Who is the last baby that you held?
Micha, who is way too adorable

13. Can you spell well?
Very poorly. Bless the spellcheck gods!

14. Do you like Cinnamon toothpaste?
No. Mint all the way, every day.

15. Pick one: Miami Hurricanes or Florida Gators?
Hurricaines, because Doc said so. I am a Boomer Sooner, OU fan, I don't do Florida football.

16. Last time you went to Six Flags?
I think 10 years ago in Chicago. We got stuck on the Batman ride for a half an hour on the steep part. I wasn't frightened, but many were.

17. Do you have any wallpaper in your house?

18. Closest thing to you that is yellow?
post-it notes on my 'puter to remind me of passwords and things to research.

19. Last person you gave a business card to?
Someone I met on my trip. A very nice Doctor from Sweden, who was traveling with her grown son. They are so civilized in Sweden.

20. Who is the last person you wrote a cheque to?
Mr. Mastercard ( a Brit wrote these questions. This is proof!)

21. Closest framed picture to you?
My son and his now wonderful wife taken in Africa 3 years ago just after they met. Sweet! B&W

22. Last time you had someone cook for you?
Yesterday, lunch. English muffins, scrambled eggs and cheddar cheese. Yummy.

23. How many emails do you get in your inbox daily (excluding spam)?
Usually about 30. I have several GoogleAlerts (you know who about), and then there are my LJ peeps, the rest of the world of friends, and businesses who want me to buy things. I delete a lot.

24. Do you play air guitar?
Do I look 15?

25. Has anyone ever proposed to you?
Yes, twice. A mistake both times. I am not waiting for another.

26. Do you take anything in your coffee?
Don't do coffee. Don't do coffee ice cream or candy, either. Just don't like the taste. I do do STRONG tea with raw sugar and cream, if available.

27. Do you own any Willow Tree figurines?
What is a Willow Tree figurine? So what! I don't have any figurines! Well, I do have some Aztec figures from Mexico, but they are very old and cool.

28. What is/was your high school's mascot?
We were called the Colonels, as the founder of the school was a colonel in the civil war. Pretty dorky.

29. Last person you spoke to from high school?
In real speech, my friend Phyllis, who wants me to come to LV in June and help her do a show. Yes, I'm going.

30. Last time you used hand sanitizer?
When I had lunch 4 weeks ago with my friend June. She is a nut on germs. I say embrace the germ It can be your friend, as long as you aren't undergoing open heart surgery. Sorry Doc.

31. Would you like to learn to play the drums?
No, but jazz piano would be so cool to know, or maybe some Cole Porter and Gershwin.

32. What color are the blinds in your living room?
What's with the blinds and curtains? NONE

33. Last thing you read in the newspaper?
The movie section. I am off to the flicks this afternoon to see something foreign and esoteric.

34. What was the last pageant you attended?
Never been to one. Would love to have been to Miss Oklahoma, 1991!!!!

35. Where is the last place you bought pizza from?
Zacharie's in Berkeley, the best!

36. Have you ever worn a crown?
No. Oh, maybe the time I dressed up like the Statue of Liberty in England on the 4th of July. I was feeling particularly patriotic that day.

37. What is the last thing you stapled?
Something probably unimportant at work that needed to go in a file.

38. Did you ever drink clear Pepsi?
No, I don't even remember clear Pepsi. Was that something Joan Crawford invented, because she didn't like brown?

39. Are you ticklish?
Yes! It's only recently that I have been able to get massages. Thank goodness for that progress.

40. Last time you saw fireworks?
Memorial Day last year. My house over looks the A's Baseball park on the Bay, and they do a huge show to end the season. Love fireworks!!! The closer the better.

41. Last time you had a Krispy Kreme doughnut?
2000, in NYC, at Penn Station. Warm and perfect. Never again. Must think of my health.Oh, it was good!

42. Last person that im'd you, and you actually responded?
Marti in San Mateo

43. Last time you parked under a carport?

44. Do you have a black dog?
Well, I did have a sweet, but dumb, black lab named Bud. He was always running away. How dumb was that. I fed him and loved him, but he kept escaping. Just loved to run up the road and dodge cars. Dumb dog.

45. Are you an aunt or uncle?
Yes, an aunt. But my nephew lives far away in Chi Town.

46. Who has the prettiest eyes that you know of?
Elizabeth Taylor, no contest. Although, Dee's green eyes are fab!

47. Last time you saw a semi truck?
Thursday, I guess. I try to avoid them.

48. What is the last song you belted out in the car?
That's easy, the entire Julia album, on the way home from work on Thursday.

49. Do you have a little black dress?
I don't do dresses any longer. Stunning black pants, yes. I'm so Katherine Hepburn. Yeah, right.
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